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We are in a rapidly changing world.  HHACE is here to serve you the best we can.  Please check our Facebook Page for daily updates.      We continue to offer distance learning classes for our students doing diploma, HiSET and College Transitions.  Enrichment courses are postponed at this time. Contact us if you need us at 521-3100 ext 5. 
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Credit Recovery

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Credit recovery is a term used to describe a wide variety of educational strategies and programs that give high school students who have failed a class the opportunity to redo coursework or retake a course through alternate means and thereby avoid failure and earn academic credit.

Complete high school by finishing any credits you may need to earn an adult education diploma. (18 credits)

The HiSET exam is a five-part test – Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies – the State of Maine uses in the process of issuing a high school equivalency credential.  The exam allows you to show that you have the same academic knowledge and skills as a high school graduate.

“Maine College Transitions is offered through local adult education programs and provides high-quality, cost-effective and accessible pathways to success. Adults who are studying to earn high school degrees receive help in transitioning to college, and adults who have high school degrees receive preparatory support for college. Counseling, mentoring and support services are provided to enable these adults to successfully transition to college and earn degrees.”  Maine DOE website

Are you trying to enter the workforce?  Adult Education offers various curriculum and information that would help adults improve their chances to enter the workforce.  This includes improving soft skills, working on applications, practice interview skills, and learning how to be a better employee.

Whether you’re looking to continue a hobby or try something new, we offer something for everyone.  Enrichment courses are open to learners of all ages and backgrounds.  We offer popular courses that include woodworking, welding, stained glass, hunter safety, card art and several others we add throughout the year.   These classes can help improve your life in all kinds of ways.  There are even online courses offered via ed2go.

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