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Are you ready to finish high school, or perhaps enter college? Do you want to take an enrichment course to expand your horizons? Are you interested in a certification program? Do you want to learn something new today for a better tomorrow? We can help you with all of these questions at Houlton Hodgdon Adult & Community Education.

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  • Feb
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    CNA State Registry Test

    To be placed on the Maine CNA Registry, you must be able to provide official documentation of formal CNA training that meets Maine’s Rules and Regulations, whether for immediate placement on the Registry or for completing the Bridge Testing Process.  If you cannt meet either of these, you will need to successfuly complete an approved […]

  • Mar
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    Digital Camera & Photography

    Learn how to get the most from your digital camera.  Know what features to look for when shopping for a ditial camera and accessories.  Explore digital cameras including: exposure modes, lenses, menus, and terminology.  Cover basic to advance photography techniques, such as exposure, composition, image quality, depth of field and much more as applied to […]

  • Apr
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    Advanced Digital Photography

    This class will start with a review of essential techniques from the basic class and would cover those materials in more depth.  Some new materials will also be introduced.  Plan on exploring specific types of photography based on input from the participants.  Possibilities include sports photography, night photography, composition techniques, etx.

  • Apr
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    CPR, AED Class

    Register for a course designed to certify or re-certify in this approved course from the Amercian Safety & Health Institute.

  • May
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    Basic First Aid Training Class

    Register for a course designed to certify or re-certify in this approved course from the American Safety & Health Institute.

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